Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Installing ClockworkMod Recovery on X10 Mini Pro

Today I will teach you how to install ClockwordMod Recovery on x10 Mini Pro. But what is CWM Recovery? It's just like xRecovery but with more features. Let's get started.

1. Phone must be rooted (Click here for rooting instruction)
2. xRecovery must be installed (Click here for xRecovery installing instruction)

1. CWM Recovery for x10 Mini
2. CWM Recovery for x10 Mini Pro

How to Install CWM Recovery:
1. Download the CWM Recovery for X10 Mini first then put the .zip file to your sdcard.
2. Reboot phone and access xRecovery.
3. Navigate to Install custom zip and select the CWM Recovery zip file.
4. Reboot using xRecovery.
5. Now after you've installed CWM Recovery for X10 Mini, do the same procedure with CWM Recovery for x10 Mini Pro.
6. Download CWM Recovery for x10 Mini Pro and put the .zip on your sdcard.
7. Reboot phone and access CWM Recovery.
8. Choose install zip from sdcard
9. Then choose zip from sdcard
10. Choose the .zip file of CWM Recovery for x10 Mini Pro then reboot using CWM Recovery.

Voila! And your done. Enjoy your CWM Recovery and you may now start installing custom roms.


D4rKn3sSyS - for CWM Recovery for X10 Mini Pro
nobodyAtall - for CWM Recovery for X10 Mini


help.. after step 6 i cant access cwm recovery while booting

Make Sure That You've Rooted you're Phone... maybe that's Why You wont able to get the Bootup.. i am not pro in Android Things.. but i have used some more then 2 months..

thank you

I have the same problem, after update the boot screen ignores me.
I cant open the recovery now...

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